Lithuania’s market for vodka is the biggest market of the country

Lithuanian Vodka Unique

Lithuania’s market for vodka is the biggest market of the country, hence the enormous competition – around 30 new brands end up on the shelves every year.

However, the super-premium segment of this market is relatively small, and it’s dominated by global brands. So a Lithuanian product has to boast an exceptional, unique and extra luxurious appearance in order to stand out and become the leader here.

Lithuanian Vodka Unique leads the country’s vodka category and is a player in the mentioned super-premium segment. This speaks of the product’s quality and the high reputation of the brand.

Lithuanian Vodka Unique stands out for its distinctive bottle. The key theme in the product’s packaging and presentation remains unchanged: modern Lithuanianism. The design is unique and Lithuanian. This time the product is decorated with stylized distaff patterns. The entire product design was created by Lithuanian designers.

This time designer’s attention was caught by distaffs (wooden tools for spinning) decorated with geometrical ornaments and segmented stars. People used to believe in the magical power of spindles, trying to reflect their world outlook and their vision of the universe in the carvings on these tools.

A matted black bottle, a logo printed with matte gold foil, an attention-getting ornament of two visibility levels that’s covered in shiny gold foil – all these elements became part of the exceptional design solution. Lithuanian consumers recognise the right combination of black and gold as a sign of luxury. The biggest technological challenge was printing the created pattern without a beginning or an end – the ornament stretches around the whole bottle without breaks.

Lithuanian Vodka Unique is produced with a specially prepared water, filtered through a unique black mineral. Made from this water and neutral spirits produced from Lithuanian grain, the vodka is additionally gold-filtered, which makes it especially mild and balanced. In the vodka category, Unique is distinguished for its ultra-premium quality. WATER. The water used for Unique Vodka first passes through six filters: a de-iron filter, a sand filter, a softener filter, an activated carbon filter, a UV lamp, a reverse osmosis filter, and a shungite filter. SPIRIT. Lux-grade neutral spirits produced exclusively from Lithuanian grain are used for the Lithuanian Vodka family. VODKA. Once prepared, the vodka is passed through eight filters: primary sand filters, activated carbon columns, modular activated carbon filters, secondary sand filters, silver filters, gold filters, and two mechanical filters.

Clearness and crystal radiance. An incredibly soft, pure and harmonious flavour. A particularly mild and balanced aroma.