Lithuanian cheese Liliputas aims to conquer the world market


A Lithuanian semi-hard cheese called Liliputas which is manufactured by the country’s oldest Belvederio Cheese Dairy now aims to conquer the world market.

After member-states of the European Union have finally given their blessing to the Liliputas, the product from 2015 is now sold with a “protected geographical indication” logo usually marking such world class products as Parmigiano Reggiano or Bordeaux wine.

Moreover Liliputas has recently managed to get a Halal certificate from Iran. This certificate claims that the cheese can be eaten by Muslims and opens the door to Muslim world. Belvederio Cheese Dairy is now looking forward to a request of how many cheese Iran would like to buy.

However, the quest to the world market will be limited, because Lithuania’s Liliputas is a handmade cheese and ripened naturally. Therefore a mass production is not available. Belvederio Dairy only manages to make 1000 Liliputas units per day. It is only 500 kilograms of production.

Moreover, it’s production is based on molds that grows only in Belvederio manor. Owners say they tried to transport these unique molds to other factories by transporting the whole part of concrete wall with its molds. However, the molds later died out and they continue to thrive only in Belvederio manor.

Liliputas has been produced in the Belvederio village from pasteurized cow’s milk since 1958. The cheese is offering a very mild and milky flavor. Liliputas traditionally covered with smooth wax layer to preserve freshness.



Source: Lietuvos nacionalinis radijas ir televizija