Lithuanian dark ale “1410” | 1 pint | 5.00%


1410 „Non-filtered“ by VOLFAS ENGELMAN – malt golden colour lager distinguished for light and refreshing taste to which hops give some bitterness and exclusive aroma. This is real Lithuanian beer.

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There are events which remain in the nation’s memory for ages. Grunewald battle is remembered both in history and is alive in the memory of the Lithuanian nation. 1410 is a beer created for the commemoration of the victory in Grunewald battle.


1410 Lithuanian ale„1410  TAMSUSIS ELIS” by VOLFAS ENGELMAN – Special technology beer “Tamsusis elis” (5,0%) is a dark beer, produced of a specially prepared water, mixture of barley, caramel and wheat malt, and hops. For the fermentation of beer the superior beer yeast, which leaven beer at the higher 14-25 degrees temperature, is used.


  • Brewed by: Volfas Engelman, Lithuania
  • Style: English Brown Ale (1)
  • Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.00%
  • Availability: Year-round
  • 0,568 L  (1pint)

Awards: Golden Medal award at the Beer Championship of the World, 2012.


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Weight 596 g


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