Assorted products bag “Greetings from Lithuania” | Cheese & Dark Ale


1410 „Non-filtered“ by VOLFAS ENGELMAN – malt golden colour lager distinguished for light and refreshing taste to which hops give some bitterness and exclusive aroma. This is real Lithuanian beer.



Assorted products “Greetings from Lithuania”

This Bag of Assorted Products provides a opportunity to try incredible the best historic Lithuanian products that are still made according to their original recipes:



„1410  TAMSUSIS ELIS” by VOLFAS ENGELMAN – Special technology beer “Tamsusis elis” (5,0%) is a dark beer, produced of a specially prepared water, mixture of barley, caramel and wheat malt, and hops. For the fermentation of beer the superior beer yeast, which leaven beer at the higher 14-25 degrees temperature, is used.

1410 – There are events which remain in the nation’s memory for ages. Grunewald battle is remembered both in history and is alive in the memory of the Lithuanian nation. 1410 is a beer created for the commemoration of the victory in Grunewald battle.


  • Brewed by: Volfas Engelman, Lithuania
  • Style: English Brown Ale (1)
  • Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.00%
  • Availability: Year-round
  • 0,568 L  (1pint)



Hard cheese DŽIUGAS® Gourmet, ripened for 36 months, is a really mature cheese, wrapped up in the magic of savoury.

The hard, rich, pleasantly bitter and spicy taste is even more enriched with a hint of fruits.

This cheese melts in your mouth and thrills your palate with its bursts of flavour.

The subtle tawny marble color, gritty texture patterned with white calcium saline crystals makes you want it again and again and again…



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Weight 1300 g


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