Lithuanian Pergale – it’s all for chocolate

Lithuanian company “Vlniaus Pergalė” (Vlnius Victory) is a modern confectionery factory that manufactures the broadest quality range in the Baltic States!

Lithuanian chocolate factory  VILNIAUS  PERGALĖ products are recognised and highly valued in more than 35 countries worldwide.

PERGALĖ is the leader in many categories within Lithuania and its neighbouring countries –  PERGALĖ brand is number one in the local market and its brand awareness is 95 %.

One of the key factors in Pergalė’s success is investments in new technology to increase quality and productivity.

In 2012, Vilniaus Pergalė upgraded the greater part of the factory’s infrastructure, with measures such as installing a modern climate management and control system and a raw ingredients distribution pipeline system, which keeps our products fresher for longer and prevents them from coming into contact with the environment.

History of Lithuanian chocolate production

The history of Lithuanian chocolate factory PERGALĖ could be called a history of Lithuanian chocolate production.

It began in 1922, when PERGALĖ, the first confectionary factory, in Lithuania was established.

In 1930, new owners have changed the factory name to FORTUNA and started to produce chocolate products.

In 1946, Lithuania made a strategic plan to modernise its confectionary production.


Lithuanian chocolate factory PERGALĖ. Vilnius, Lithuania


Pergalė – it’s all about chocolate and what lies behind it

In 1952 the most modern factory at the time PERGALĖ was established. This period marks the beginning of the modern confectionary factory, which has grown steadily and gradually in both the local and international markets, whilst keeping alive its original values. For Pergalė, it’s all about chocolate and what lies behind it.

It’s about the people, good health quality and dedication, and the interconnected relationships that bind them all.



In over 90 years of manufacturing confectionary, Pergalė has built up a wide range of products that have earned the highest recognition in top regional competitions.

Pergalė offers various types and flavours of assorted chocolates, exclusive and premium chocolates boxes, chocolate bars, pralines, pomade or liqueur sweet chocolates, truffles, dragées and even more.

Some of Pergalė’s authentic secret recipes haven’t changed and products are made in the traditional way, just as they were made more than 50 years ago.



The quality of our ingredients is very important to Pergalė.  Lithuanian chocolate factory PERGALĖ spend a lot of time searching for the best added ingredients to find the ones that are just right – tasteful and aromatic, smooth and creamy, sweet and sour.

Teams of PERGALĖ are proud that their chocolate tablets are nonGMO and include no vegetable fats.

They never compromise on the quality and safety of their products and this remains a fundamental commitment to their clients.

This means Vilnius Pergalė can guarantee that every step, every ingredient, and everything that goes into each chocolate is of the best quality.

Every aspect of their manufacturing process is controlled by them.