Lithuanian Mead – The world’s oldest alcoholic drink

Lithuanian Mead is a world’s oldest alcoholic drink – the recipe of which finds mention in the ancient Indian text Rig Veda 6000 years ago.

The Lithuanian company Lietuviškas Midus (Lithuanian Mead) holds the patent for this unique drink whose roots can be traced back to India.

They produce 200,000 litres of it annually and require 100 tonnes of honey for its production. The drink’s low alcoholic content and unique sweet taste is bound to be a hit with Indians”.

Mead plays an important role in culture and nutrition of many nations.



It is no surprise that so many nations consider mead their national drink as mead is a worldwide phenomena by its origin and distribution. One will meet many nations in Africa and in Europe, in the Americas and Asia that are proud of mead as their national beverage.

Over the course of centuries, mead was a ritual and a casual drink, used in different feasts, and a common supplement to food on the tables bothof kings and peasants. The Western tradition of mead dates back to antiquity and to early mediaeval times.

Mead is sometimes called the Northern or Eastern European wine.

It is difficult to imagine the life and religion of ancient Germans, Balts and Slavs without this drink.

Lithuanian ancestors Balts were using mead thousands of years ago (since 1600 B.C.).

They drank mead out of drinking horns coated with metal (the most elaborately decorated are found from the period of 4th – 6th century A.D.).


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