Fried crow-meat: The Lithuania’s traditional dish

Fried crow-meat: The Lithuania’s traditional dish

For centuries, and especially during difficult times, Lithuanians ate crow-meat to stave off hunger.

As the heroes of the film explain, this ancient and traditional dish was lost during the Russian occupation of Lithuania, but now – protected as they are from Russia by three NATO fighter planes – they can again feel like true Lithuanians.


Groups of hunters scour hundreds of miles in search of great flocks of crows. The meat of young crows is especially appreciated and is considered a delicacy.

If your finances haven’t allowed you to sample chicken for a long time, why not follow the example of the Lithuanians – try Crow Tabaka instead of Chicken Tabaka! Fortunately, crow meat is abundant and they are completely free – you can even earn a little money through regulating the number of these birds who frequently haunt the city’s bins and dumps.

Crows cook in exactly the same way as chicken. The only difference is that their meat is tougher; while chicken will cook in boiling oil in about thirty minutes, crow meat will take between one hour and seventy-five minutes.


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